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Drive targeted leads by appearing in the search results for your product, service, or small business.

By now, most companies understand the importance of maintaining an online presence. However, with today’s aggressive competition levels, simply posting on social media and maintaining your website may not be enough. Trying to beat them with paid ads is a quick way to drain your budget. In order for your business to reach new audiences that aren’t familiar with your brand yet, you’ll need an evergreen SEO strategy that builds domain authority and delivers warm leads directly to your site, year after year.

SEO Marketing Consultant

To do this, you need to outsmart your competition by ensuring your website and content meet the on-page & technical specs that are necessary to increase your ranking for the key phrases we’re targeting. I’ve spent hours performing keyword research and crafting keyword-rich content on behalf of the clients I work for as well as my own drop shipping business. I used SEO to drive organic traffic and sales for my business and have a track record of increasing search traffic for each client I represent while being contracted at The Rain Maker Institute.  

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